As President of The Indian Club – Bahrain it is a great honor for me, on behalf of myself and my fellow Executive Committee members, to welcome you to the website of the oldest club in ; The Club celebrated its centenary in 2015 and as we head into our second century, it is wonderful to have you on-board to enjoy The Club in all its glory.

Before moving on to talk about current and future developments, I should pay credit to the incredible amount of hard work, commitment and dedication that past Club Officials, Executive Committees and Members have undertaken across the years to position The Club as a mainstay of the island’s Indian expatriate community and a friend to the local i population and other expatriate communities.

However, there has been a feeling amongst the Membership that in recent years, The Club has lost some of its focus on the elements that made The Club great and a place that Members could regard as a ‘home away from home’ – less families have been enjoying The Club’s facilities and services and unacceptable gaps have been appearing in The Club’s sporting and cultural programmes.

The recent elections gave The Indian Club Executive Committee 2021-2022 a very clear mandate for change – to arrest the decline and re-establish the ‘family-friendly’ focus that The Club has previously enjoyed and benefited from; me and my fellow Executive Committee Members are fully committed to doing that and rest assured, we will use our term in office to put The Club back where it belongs.

We are already in the process of re-aligning certain of The Club’s facilities and services to provide a better experience for Members’ families and in particular, assist in the development of our children, the next generation of Club Members; such development will be an ongoing process – in this ever changing world, nothing can afford to stand still and The Indian Club- is no different.

The Club is run for the Members and their Families and Guests to enjoy and look forward to visiting; mine, the General Secretary’s and the rest of the Executive Committee’s doors are always open to Member inputs and suggestions as to any way that The Club can be improved and made a more enjoyable experience for everyone.

Thank you for visiting our website and I look forward to seeing you at The Indian Club- very soon.

Long live India; Long live; Long live The Indian Club.

Thank you